IpDoor Smart video door phone, a new interactive experience

Welcome your visitors in a surprising way!

IpDoor has an essential design and a display where you can customize everything: welcome messages, instant replies read by the bot, exclusive images. It has access control interfaces. So, when you arrive it recognizes you and opens the door. And, if it is not you, it memorizes the visit!

What can you do?
IpDoor Door stations
IpDoor onda sotto
Mobile App

The freedom to communicate at all times, even when you're not there!

Thanks to the IpDoor App you’ll be able to: answer the video door phone, leave default or instant text messages, choose to reply by showing yourself on video, or connect to your home wherever you are.

How does it work?
IpDoor App

Communication and access control

IpDoor offers maximum access control and makes communication with the visitor smoother than ever. Manage all spaces via app, monitor or PC, even remotely. Create QR, Bluetooth, NFC or PIN access credentials to open gates and control the smart home. Integrate with home automation systems, elevators and more. IpDoor is the most complete solution for intelligent access control!


Unique Design

The video door phone with display

Finally you can communicate with your visitors in a more engaging and interactive way. The IpDoor display talks to people approaching the entrance panel, while they are choosing the user to call or waiting. When replying it is possible to suggest default messages that will be read automatically through the text-to-speech, personalize the messages in real time via the App, or simply reply, even by activating the video call. The result? Comfort and absolute security!

IpDoor Plus

Endless possibilities and a super smart system!

IpDoor is a complete WiFi video door phone, which doesn’t require cabling or servers: just you, the external unit and your app. In two words: simplicity and control.

Unique design

Essential and well-finished, IpDoor is the only high performance and resistant external unit with a display.

Push Notifications

Since the system works even when the app is on stand-by, smartphone battery saving and comfort of use are guaranteed.

Automatic replies

Leave your virtual post-it notes or voice messages, and you’ll always be easily available: no more excuses for missed deliveries!

Integrated Bluetooth

Compatibility with other home automation systems such as opening gates or switching on lights.

NFC identification

Get recognized thanks to the NFC protocol and open gates or doors directly with your smartphone.

Save conversations

To ensure maximum security, you can save conversation videos with visitors locally or in the in Cloud storage.


A flexible system with many ways of using it

Where will you use your system? Find the profile that's closest to you and find out how IpDoor can make your life easier.
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Michele's passion for technology and DIY was the driving force behind choosing IpDoor for his home. He knows about every new product and is fascinated by everything that technology can do to simplify everyday actions.

Why did he choose IpDoor?

The IpDoor system is immediate and intuitive to install and, in addition, is easily customizable. The reliability of the product and the always available assistance have definitively convinced him that installing IpDoor in his own terraced house would have been the right choice.



An unstoppable passion for beauty and everything that makes life more enjoyable and exciting. Alberto wanted the IpDoor system for his villa to act as a business card for himself, starting from the outside arrival, in order to welcome friends and visitors in a stylish and innovative way. To do this, he relied on a certified, professional installer, who guided him towards this choice of style.

Why did he choose IpDoor?

He loves everything smart, everything design, and everything futuristic, he loves to make the objects around him speak about who he is, and he always wants to be available, even when he is away from home.


Safety and comfort is his goal, which he achieves by choosing products and solutions with excellent performance. Home automation is to him an essential tool that allows him to manage his home to gain maximum well-being. The flexibility of use and the design of IpDoor convinced him to install, with a professional, a functional system, able to communicate with the other management systems of the villa.

Why did he choose IpDoor?

He wants to communicate with his guests in an innovative and practical way, even if he is not at home. The design, robustness and reliability of the product have made him fall in love with it.



Gianna has always dreamed of a way to manage the check-in of her guests remotely, for every time she couldn't physically be at the B&B. The IpDoor system allows her to welcome guests even when she is engaged in other activities: they ring, she responds in real-time and can easily manage access control, opening doors and gates. The fantastic jam that she makes, however, is delivered by hand to guests at the first opportunity.

Why did she choose IpDoor?

The convenience and practicality of answering remotely, controlling access and video recording for security reasons are the pluses that Gianna has found with the IpDoor system. But every day she finds other ways to use it, thanks to the flexibility of the system.


Great flexibility of use, zero invasive or structural interventions: these are the guidelines that guided Pietro's choice for the company in which he works. In IpDoor he found the easiest way to create a reliable, smart and customizable access control and visitor reception system. Assistance plays a key role, because it needs support for any changes or interventions related to business needs.

Why did he choose IpDoor?

The flexibility of use and the compatibility of the system with other technologies attracted him, but it was the reliability and availability of the assistance service that definitively convinced Pietro to choose IpDoor for the access management of his company.



The buildings managed by Francesca didn't allow any structural or invasive intervention and the flexibility of use and operation were essential qualities for her choice. IpDoor was a surprise because, in addition to allowing easy management and total privacy of the residences, it allows safe, practical and efficient access control. The owners are enthusiastic about it too.

Why did she choose IpDoor?

The structures managed are very different and each has its own peculiarity. A flexible and easy to use system like IpDoor can satisfy all needs with no structural intervention.




Security and control in first place

A system that is open to integration, full of features and extremely secure.
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