An italian enterprise

ipDoor is the new frontier of video door entry system

The company

ipDoor is a company founded by a group of engineers working together for over twenty years in the telecommunications sector, which have drawn on their expertise to offer innovative products and solutions.

Italian thought

ipDoor arise from an Italian project of a product that, while drawing on technologies created around the world, wants to enhance the ability to create new concepts and strengthen the brand “Made in Italy”,  so much appreciate in the world. both for creativity and design .



Functional Test

The strong technical skill of those who work in ipDoor, and the slenderness of a young and flexible structure, make sure a special devotion to the needs of installers and its customer. We will therefore always attentive to the promptings: we are able to make any changes in order to improve the system and bring it closer to user demands, both they involve choices to optimize the installation process, and new customizations Hw/Sw.
We can do these because the infrastructure of our system, has a central server that can deliver immediate updates so by allow at any time the connection of the apparatus by an our technician to support the remote installer .

Quality control

We aim to establish with all installers who work with us, a very close relationship, both in technical and commercial terms.

The innovation

Inspired by the growing need for mobility, confirmed by the increasingly wide spread of smartphones and tablets, we have created a line of products “ipDoor” breaking local barriers and allows you to connect to the monitor even when you are away from home.

ipDoor is a great innovation as it overcomes the traditional constraints of the video door entry system, by incorporating features that until now were specific to other high-tech sectors, such as home automation and video surveillance.

Thus was born the first video entry system designed from the design phase according to the standard Internet Protocol (IP), not only in the internal structures, but also in the front door, which represents the beating heart.

An advantage of this choice is the intrinsic compatibility with the whole world connected to the Internet and its standards, the IP cameras to smartphones to the vast world of home automation.

Another advantage of our system is the constant connection with all devices, whether they are connected to the local network, or they are on the streets, in the office or on the other side of the world.

In other words, the network is everywhere, and with ipDoor we can finally be always connected to our home or business. ipDoor is packed with the latest technology NFC (Near Field Communication), WiFi, soft-touch buttons with which you will get many innovative features.

The large display also used for the names of call, provide a flexible and intuitive management of names, the visitor messages, video mail and other services.

Not only electronic technology, but also strength and mechanical reliability, thanks to a steel structure, in perfect harmony with the world of security.