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Experience and innovation, a company for the future.

We combine our experience in the video door entry sector with our passion for research. And we deliver unique products.
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Working today for tomorrow's technology.

We have an innate passion for research and innovation: every day we try to experiment, study and apply new features to our products. We believe, in fact, that only a constant tendency towards growth and improvement can be the basis for creating truly effective and innovative products.

Our goal is to simplify the many small aspects of everyday life. Safety, comfort and control are the three drivers that lead our research. We are certain that improving our customers' approach to technology and allowing them to live in a safer and more pleasant manner is a way to offer well-being to the entire society in which we live.




Research & Development

Hardware Dept.

Starting from safe, efficient and completely made in Italy products means ensuring our customers the highest level of technology in the video door entry industry. The choice of components, the product tests, and the technical solutions we adopt are the result of years of experience in the sector, amplified by our tendency to experiment.

Research & Development

Software Dept.

The focus of our projects is always the user. The development of our software and interfaces starts from accurate usability and functionality studies. In this way, using our systems is not just thoroughly practical, but also enjoyable and easy. We are a young team with a clear goal: in a continuous beta approach we never stop implementing and improving our software. The aim is always the same, to simplify people's lives.

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