The intelligent video door phone system with display

Answer the doorbell and communicate with your visitor, how and from wherever you want.

IpDoor is the only smart video door entry system that allows you to communicate with your visitors through direct response (even via video call) or with instant or preset text and voice messages, and to open automated doors and gates. You can manage everything remotely, it'll be like you're always there. Awesome, right? 


Video door phones with display

IpDoor, Comfort and Control

Answer the intercom wherever you are and check at any time what's going on outside your home. IpDoor is the only intelligent video door entry system that allows you to be present even when you are not.

Monitoring the exterior of a building, speaking to whoever is calling, and communicating with another environment of your structure (such as an outbuilding or garage) are all easy and immediate. 

Innovative external interface

Talk to your guests with text messages, voice replies or videos

Thanks to the display you can easily communicate with anyone in front of your door and the visitor experience will be incredible. You can leave instant text messages (which are like an interactive post-Its), give directions using preset or dynamic messages, pronounced when the visitor arrives or when the keys are pressed, and even show yourself on video during the response. Greeting and talking to the people in front of you is effortless, whether you're at home ready to open the door or on the other side of the world.

video door phone with display
Everything from your mobile App

Answer directly from your smartphone

A simple App on your smart phone means you can check who is calling at your door, communicate with them, leave them messages or even talk to them via video. Notifications on your device will work even if the App is on standby, so you will always be in touch with your home without running down your phone battery.

IpDoor App
Advanced access control

Open doors and gates with maximum control and comfort

Designed to become an advanced and flexible access control system, the IpDoor system allows you to identify a visitor using NFC and Bluetooth technologies, combined with your smartphone, or to allow recognition by numerical code typed on the keyboard or by reading a QR code. Thanks to these modes, you can customize your access control system, enabling temporary codes to be sent with a simple link (for example for occasional guests) and you can always have clear details of who accesses your environments and when.


IpDoor access control
Flexibility of operation and connection

Maximum efficiency in any situation

The IpDoor system makes the most of the advantages of a network and allows for the possibility of configuration, support and operation directly centralized in the cloud. Thanks to the completeness of the system, you can also rely on the local connection, to ensure proper operation even without an Internet connection. With the use of a direct point-to-point connection without a server within the LAN, it exploits the maximum speed of the infrastructure. The system is therefore equipped with both a PoE Ethernet interface and a Wifi interface.


IpDoor App
Android open platform

Endless possibilities of use and development

The technology of the IpDoor system is based on the Android platform. The native compatibility with third-party applications, the ability to easily introduce new features and functionalities and the contribution of development and constant updating supported by the Android community, are just some of the many advantages of this choice. The IpDoor system has been designed to always be an open platform capable of updating and adapting quickly and flexibly to the needs of customers.


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