Certified IpDoor installers

We believe in quality and want to offer our customers a useful system that can simplify their daily lives.
That's why we want to offer a professional installation service that is always up to date and in the right format. Do you want to become an IpDoor certified installer too?

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Benefits of certification

Reserved discounts

Reserved discounts on the purchase of IpDoor products

Indication to customers in your area

We will suggest you to customers who are looking for an installer in your area

Commercial awards

Advantages for the installer deriving from the e-commerce service

Exclusive value kit

Complete with information materials and training courses, it will allow you to learn more about our system

Priority Remote Assistance

Possibility to take advantage of dedicated remote assistance

Privileged access to the Loyalty Program

Possibility to take advantage of a privileged access to the Loyalty Program

Online tools to facilitate your activities

Possibility to take advantage of online tools aimed at making your operating activities more efficient

Tools for managing installed systems

Possibility of using diagnostic tools with automatic warnings for the installations carried out 

Certified installer

How to become a certified installer

Every certified installer is chosen by our company, because we want to be sure that our philosophy and our values are accepted and shared. It is very important for us to effectively convey the knowledge of the IpDoor system to our installers and help them enrich their professional skills through commercial and technical training courses (on the product and on the IP world).

In order to guarantee you the best experience with our products, we have created an exclusive Value Kit that will allow you to deepen the IpDoor world. Inside, in addition to training courses, you will find a presentation case of the system and information and merchandising materials for your customers.

This way you will be able to carry out your first IpDoor installation in the best possible way, ensuring a positive customer feedback!

Certified IpDoor installer
IpDoor certification

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