The smart video door phone with touch display.

Answer the bell and communicate with your visitor, as you want and wherever you are.

IpDoor is the only smart video door phone that allows you to open doors and gates and communicate with your visitors through direct answer (also in video call) or even instant text messages. And you can manage everything remotely. Isn’t that amazing? It’s as if you’re always there.


Comfort and Control

Answer the video door phone wherever you are and check what is happening outside your home at any moment. IpDoor is the only intelligent video door phone that allows you to be present even when you are not there.

Monitoring the outside of a building, talking to who is calling at your door, communicating with another area of your structure (such as guest house or garage) are easy and immediate. You just need a WiFi connection and a power cable and everything is under control, thanks to the App managed by your smartphone.

Communication with external unit

Talk to your guests via text message, voice or video call.

Thanks to the display you can easily communicate with anyone coming to your door using interactive post-it – which are just like text messages. Give directions using live messages, recorded voice messages, or even video. Greeting and talking to people in front of you is amazingly simple, whether you are at home ready to open the door or on the other side of the world.

Everything from your mobile App

Answer directly from your smartphone.

A simple App on your smart phone means you can check who is calling at your door, communicate with them, leave them messages or even talk to them via video. Notifications on your device will work even if the App is on standby, so you will always be in touch with your home without running down your phone battery.

Integrated Access Control

Open the door, control your home automation and see who came in

Doors and gates can be opened thanks to the App but also through your smartphone identification via  Bluetooth and NFC tag reader. You can also check and see again who came in. IpDoor is an open system designed to manage and interact with your home automation by communicating with third-party systems and apps for maximum comfort.

Cloud service

The certainty to log conversations and always have them available.

IpDoor technology is based in the cloud so there’s no need to install any servers, meaning you can exploit the full potential of your network. Videos of your video intercom conversations will be saved using security protocols in the cloud and you can review and manage them in complete freedom.

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