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IpDoor APP

Comfort and control
in your hands

Thanks to the IpDoor App it will be like always being at home, even when you're not there.

Access control management, video control, home automation and communication. The IpDoor App is much more than a way to answer your smart video door phone!

IpDoor App
IpDoor APP Plus

Endless possibilities of use for a super smart system

The IpDoor App is a complete and customizable control system for your buildings. With a single App you can control different IpDoor stations, deciding roles and activities of each external unit.

How IpDoor station works?
App features

The future for the
control of your entrances

One single app, many advantages. Discover the main features.

1 Account + Buildings

From your account you can manage many entrances and different buildings. For example, you could manage your front door, office entrances and gates the of your summer house.

1 Building + Account

Any entrance and any IpDoor station can be managed by multiple accounts, each of them with a different role. In this way you can decide if and how the connected accounts can manage the entrances (for example your children or collaborators).

1 Building + External units and Entrances

The system customization allows you to manage multiple external units or multiple entrances from the same App. In this way you can easily control the main entrance, the garage access or any area where an IpDoor station is installed.

IpDoor App

Push Notification

Thanks to the use of push notifications, the App must not be active and does not consume battery. You will be awakened to the call.

Interactive Messaging

In addition to the standard messages already present in the external unit, through the App you can customize default response and interaction messages with the user or even reply in real time with a text message.

Integration and Home Automation

The opening of doors and gates and the interaction with surveillance and home automation management systems allow you to have total control of your home, even remotely.

App User Interfaces

Ease of use and immediacy

Discover IpDoor app interfaces

Answer the intercom from wherever you prefer

With the IpDoor app, you can.

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Google PlayApp Store