Wifi and Ethernet Access Controller


IpDoor Controller

Integrate external devices with standard protocols



The Controller is a compact and versatile device that allows you to connect countless third-party numeric keypads, QR and NFC readers to the IpDoor system, improving building security and expanding user authentication options.

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IpDoor controller,
efficiency and versatility

Wiegand and RS485 interfaces

Integrate countless third-party devices

The controller supports standard Wiegand and RS485 protocols and allows you to integrate a wide range of third-party NFC, QR or numeric keypad readers into the IpDoor system. This ensures greater interoperability and flexibility in implementing new features in the plant, without having to make invasive changes to the existing infrastructure.


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Cabled and WiFi

Reliability and installation flexibility

The IpDoor Controller is available in both WiFi and wired versions. The wired version is powered directly via the Ethernet cable (Poe 802.3af), while the WiFi version requires a separate 220VAC power supply. The two devices allow for the same functions to be performed, adapting to different customer needs and installation specifications, ensuring a flexible, reliable and scalable solution for access control and integration with other devices and systems.

Access controller wifi and ethernet

Cloud connection

Centralized and remote control

The controller, as well as the integrated third-party devices, are connected to the IpDoor Cloud and can be managed remotely in terms of configuration, maintenance and diagnostics. This allows the system integrator to have simplified, centralized control over all devices, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.


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Additional features

Connect buttons, sensors and more

The physical interfaces include inputs to be able to connect buttons or sensors to send notifications or activate functions, but also outputs to control doors or gates without having to worry about the lock's power supply. In addition, the controller offers the ability to communicate with other devices on the network via the IP protocol for sending or receiving commands. These commands can be customized according to the specific needs of the controlled area and can include, for example, a request to open a door or activate an alarm.


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