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The IpDoor system is fully customizable. It provides basic features and numerous accessory functions that can be activated through licenses. Licenses can be unlimited (i.e. to be purchased only once) or renewed annually.

Some licenses are linked to the door station in which they are activated, others are linked to the account that activates them. This makes it possible to completely customize your IpDoor system, choosing and activating only the licenses you need.

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IpDoor Licenses

Remote Call

Thanks to this license you can answer the video door phone via smartphone. The license is associated with an account so you will need to purchase one for each user who wants to use this feature.  The remote Call license can be unlimited or renewed annually.

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Remote call IpDoor App

Number of buttons

By default, the system has a button (therefore an extension), with this license you can add other buttons to the external unit based on your needs. If the door station refers to a two-family house or a building, simply add the necessary number of buttons.

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IpDoor door station buttons

Access Control

Thanks to the NFC technology, Bluetooth, PIN codes typed on the numeric keypad or QR codes, you can control doors and gates connected to the system, activate automated scenarios and much more. To create your very customized access control system, you need to choose the Device Access Control license, and one or more User Access Control licenses (depending on the number of users that need to generate their credentials). 

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IpDoor access control system

SIP Integration

This unlimited license allows the IpDoor system to communicate and interface with all devices in the SIP standard.

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SIP standard interface IpDoor system

Monitoring Service

This license allows you to constantly monitor the connection of one or more devices connected to the cloud server. In the event of a network failure or problems that cause one or more devices to continually disconnect, this security service will allow you to quickly receive a warning email or SMS.

Each license is valid for one installation environment.

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IpDoor clud control system

Vocal Command

The Voice Command license enables the function that allows you to speak with IpDoor entrance panels to request the execution of calls or door release activations. In the first case, just approach the plate and say "Call" followed by the name of the person you are looking for. In the second case, it will be possible to open doors or gates by programming a secret code (word or phrase) to be pronounced when close to the entrance panel.

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vocal command ipdoor video door phone

PC Client

The PC Client license enables the addition of a Windows IpDoor client in an IpDoor system. It will then be possible to download the IpDoor app for computers that will allow managing all incoming calls from entrance panels, monitors, mobile phones, SIP phones and third-party devices, transforming the IpDoor system into a real virtual switchboard.

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IpDoor clud control system

Audio/video Streaming

The Audio/video Streaming license enables access via network to the images recorded by the camera integrated in the IpDoor external device. The plate exhibits two H264 streams with HD (1280×720) and QVGA (320×240) resolution available in both RTSP and ONVIF. Bidirectional audio and the use of OUTPUTs are also integrated in the ONVIF protocol.

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ONVIF video camera integration

Lift Integration

The Lift Integration license adds the integration between access control and IpDoor terminals with the lifts present in a multi-storey building.

The license is available for analog integration in combination with IP relays and for Cloud to Cloud integration with KONE models.

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IpDoor clud control system

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