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The IpDoor system is customizable in its operation. The basic kit consists of the external license plate to which an account (a phone number from which you can answer) is associated and from which the remote call license (unlimited or with annual expiration) is activated.

You can then create your system with the most suitable features for the way you will use it, also adding other accounts connected to the system (each with unlimited duration, for example for your children, or with annual renewal, perhaps for domestic helpers).

Discover IpDoor Licenses

Remote App

Thanks to this license you can answer remotely to the video door phone. By default, the system provides an activation of this license but you can add more for all linked accounts or renew it based on your needs. The license can be unlimited or renew annually.

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Number of buttons

By default, the system has a button (therefore an extension), with this license you can add other buttons based on your needs. If the door station refers to a two-family house or a building, simply add the necessary number of buttons.

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Access Control

This unlimited license (to be purchased only once) allows Ipodor to become an access control system. Thanks to nfc technology, bluetooth or using codes typed on the numeric keypad or via QRcode, you can open doors or gates connected to the system.

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available soon

Features and licenses under development.

Other useful features will soon be available for the customization of your IpDoor system.


Facial recognition

Unlimited license (to be purchased only once) that unlocks the facial recognition service on all active accounts.

Video storage

License that allows you to store all the videos recorded by the external unit in the cloud. To be defined based on memory requirements.


Cloud-based security service that constantly monitors the system in real time and alerts you if it fails.


Service that deflects call waiting if the data connection of the linked account is not active. That way you won't miss a call.


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