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External unit

IpDoor Touch

Flush - mounted
The wall - mounted video door phone for controlling and managing your entrances directly from your smartphone



IpDoor is the only smart WiFi video door phone with a display: you’ll be able to reply and communicate via text message with who is calling at your door and decide whether to open gates or doors. With the IpDoor App, you'll do everything from the comfort of your smartphone, whether you're at home or not!

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IpDoor Touch is the external unit with touch display

Touch Display

Communication has never been so easy.

The 4.3” display with sun readable technology can be easily read in any light condition and will always guarantee the best communication with your visitor. The touch interface is simple and intuitive and can be configured to any living needs: several direct call buttons can be inserted (single/bi/tri family solution), a list of scroll buttons (useful for a small building), or a numeric keypad to contact internal units (for large buildings) or type door-opener codes.


Touch display IpDoor door station

Double microphone

Perfect reception and sound transmission

Thanks to a dual microphone and DSP device, background and heavy noises are eliminated: the audio is clearly defined both in input and output for a communication always functional. Whether you are a few meters or hundreds of kilometres away, the dialogue with the visitor will be simple and pleasant, even in the presence of environmental noises.



Maximum control and compatibility

The Bluetooth and NFC protocols integrated in IpDoor will amplify the potential of your  video door phone, turning it into a valuable tool for the access control. How many times are you in the dark or under the rain and keys are impossible to find? With IpDoor you simply need to  approach the door station with your smartphone, and you will automatically open gates and entrances.

Bluetooth/NFC access control

Stainless Steel Body

Essential aesthetics and resistance

The stainless steel body, the essential finishes, the chromatic combination of black and grey and the elegant monitor make IpDoor Touch a real design object. We use the best materials and our production system, completely made in Italy, is a guarantee of safety and wear, sun and weather resistance. All you have to do is enjoying the freedom to furnish your entrance with an efficient and aesthetically well-finished door station like IpDoor Touch.

stainless steel body IpDoor  door station
IpDoor Touch

Efficiency, safety and design in a single door station

HD camera

Thanks to a 5 Megapixel sensor, a lens with a viewing angle exceeding 170° and adapted infrared LEDs, the device provides a crystal-clear, HD resolution panoramic view both day and night.

Input & Output

It is possible to control electro-locks and gates through a powered output and a specific relay. There are also available inputs for various sensors (door-open, presence …) in order to manage your own entrances to the best.

Proximity & Shock detection

The integrated proximity sensor allows you to welcome visitors upon arrival using both audio and visual indications. An anti-shock sensor gives alerts of any vandalism attempts.


The dual integrated network interface, both wired with PoE power supply and wireless, is suitable for any installation environment, offering easy programming and diagnostics without the need for physical intervention.


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