IpDoor: the video door entry system that adapts to any context!


the video door entry system that adapts to any context!

One of the strengths of the IpDoor system is its flexibility in adapting to any installation environment. IpDoor is efficient in many contexts, thanks to centralized management on the cloud platform, the integrated wired and wireless network interface, the graphic personalization of the touch display and the advanced access control functions.

IpDoor door station


In residential complexes, the IpDoor system can be configured at the basic level with an external door station managed via App, up to more complex solutions, consisting of different stations, apps and internal monitors. Even within complex contexts, IpDoor demonstrates amazing installation and configuration flexibility.


The touch display of the door station is also fully customizable:

  • For single / two / three-family houses, the display will have direct call touch buttons;

  • If a building is made up of many apartments, they will be displayed through a list of scroll buttons.

  • The system also responds to the needs of  buildings with many apartments or buildings where more privacy is needed. In fact, the apartments can also be called up using numeric codes to be entered on the numeric keypad of the display.

Our video door entry system is perfectly suitable also for large villas with a strong technological character. IpDoor is an open system capable of integrating and dialoguing with all pre-existing home automation systems with many possibilities of integration. The external door station becomes a key and central element of an elaborate infrastructure.

Unlike other types of systems, the IpDoor system does not require frequent maintenance by the installer. In large buildings, where tenants turn over is very high, it will not be necessary to turn to a professional to create an account for each new tenant. These needs can be managed independently by the condominium administrator (who will invite the new user via link). Therefore, no programmatic action is required.


In the industrial sector, the IpDoor external door station easily integrates into a complex infrastructure consisting of network and telephony devices already present within companies.
The IpDoor door station will be able to call PCs and telephones and in turn be controlled by them for the activation / opening of gates.
It is important to emphasize that the integration of the IpDoor system does not require any modification or doubling of the corporate network infrastructure. The system, therefore, adds new features but is not invasive with regard to the existing infrastructure.

It often happens that there are companies with a headquarters and several branches located in different geographical areas. Thanks to the ability to remotely manage the system, calls from branches can converge to a single operations center, which can therefore act as a virtual secretary for all offices and also control their accesses.




The IpDoor system is also very useful in the management of individual offices or shops (accountant's office, notary's office etc.). In this case, the network infrastructure is very simple and the IpDoor station is very useful thanks to the possibility of managing its functions remotely.

  • The particularly user friendly interface for the customer is a plus in commercial activities where welcoming the customer is fundamental. It is also fully customizable with the brand of the activity: the touch display can have logos and images and, through the App, it is possible to set welcome messages or text messages (e.g. plan to be reached, opening hours etc.) that the door station will pronounce upon the visitor's arrival.

  • All the actions on the door station can be programmed in certain time slots (e.g. establishing that during business hours the call arrives inside the office, while during closing time on the personal telephone ).
  • Our external panels are also connected to Microsoft Teams via the CyberGate Saas application. This means that within a business, you can answer calls and control gates via the Teams smartphone app, Teams Desktop client or Teams compatible desk phone. You can enjoy high-quality bi-directional audio and video calls, and connect a visitor with a single user, or a group of them.

CyberGate is a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted in Azure and enables enterprises that adopted Teams to connect IP devices (such as IpDoor) with two-way audio and live video to Microsoft Teams without the need for any extra hardware or software.




IpDoor is an efficient and convenient product to use also for all those who manage a Bed&Breakfast.
Thanks to its access control functions, it will be possible to create temporary credentials for autonomous access for guests during their stay. The owner does not have to be always present and can at any time check who has entered the property and at what time by consulting the access logs and short videos recorded from the external station via App.



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