IpDoor App: you will always be present even when you are not at home!


IpDoor App:
you will always be present even when you are not at home!

Thanks to the IpDoor App, available for iOS and Android devices, it will be like being at home, even when you're not there.

All the comfort you need

With the activation of the remote Call license you can answer the video door phone, open entrances and send messages to the visitor wherever you are. You can also review the images of those who entered your building. Access management, video control and communication: the IpDoor App is much more than a way to answer your video intercom!

If you are not at home, through the IpDoor App installed on your smartphone, you can control who is ringing at your door, communicate with him and talk via video. When someone rings your video door phone, a notification will appear on your device, even when the app is in stand-by, so you will always be in contact with your home, without consuming your smartphone battery.

With the App you can also send automatic replies or instant messages to the visitor during the conversation or when he is calling you (to communicate for example that you are not currently available). Does the courier ring while you're in the office and can't answer him because you're in a meeting? Send a message with the instructions to follow and he will listen to it or read it in real time on the display of the external door station.

IpDoor App Interfaces

Control at all times

Thanks to the camera on the external unit and on the Match internal monitor, you can connect whenever you want via the App and stream what is happening inside and outside your home. By connecting an NVR device the videos can be recorded and you can consult them as many times as you prefer.

From the mobile app you can also check at any time when your door or gate has been opened and who has entered by checking the access history and viewing short videos that are stored locally on the external station (with limited memory space) or in the cloud. In fact, the door station records a video every time a person is detected by the proximity sensor or when a user rings the video door phone and starts a call.

The access log can be viewed via web by the administrator with an in-depth level of detail or via App by users of the same group/family using a series of filters. For example, the condominiums of a building with a single IpDoor station installed will be able to view all the accesses related to their own apartment via the App, while the condominium administrator will be able to monitor the accesses to all the apartments in the building.



The IpDoor App is a complete and customizable building control system.

  • From the same account you can control all the accesses of the structures where an IpDoor door station is installed such as the front door, the office entrances and the gates of the summer house.

  •  Any IpDoor door station can be managed by several people, to whom you can assign different roles: you can decide whether and how the associated accounts can manage the different entrances. An example? You can enable your child to answer calls remotely but not to open gates.

  • The interfaces of the IpDoor App are immediate and very easy to use, they will allow you to always have under control the number of structures and entrances associated with a specific account, the number of associated users and the visitor history. You can open the gates to which an IpDoor station is associated with a simple gesture and always have at hand the history of all the actions recorded by it.
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