IpDoor: the new access control and management system

Access control

the new access control and management system

IpDoor is much more than a video door phone: it is a real advanced access control system.

IpDoor access control with numeric code

How many times in the dark or in the rain do the house keys become impossible to find? Through the external door station functions, the IpDoor system is able to identify the user and enable him for immediate access.

With the purchase of an access control license (unlimited, therefore to be purchased only once) you can open doors and gates with maximum comfort and always have under control all the people who access your buildings or your home. It is a license that is associated with the IpDoor external door station, therefore it will be necessary to purchase a license for each station on which you want to activate this functionality. Once purchased, it can be used by all associated accounts.

How can IpDoor be programmed to become an access control system?

The IpDoor system provides different ways to identify and enable users to access. All these modes can also be configured in specific time slots and the administrator of the building can disable them at any time.

• A button on the display of the external door station will allow the user to enter a personal code on the numeric keypad, which will enable him to access. Simple and immediate!

• It is possible to enable user access by placing an NFC tag near the door station (for example a card on which credentials have been registered). This system is particularly useful in a company: employees and collaborators will be able to access the structure independently, with a simple identification card to swipe on the IpDoor station.

• The NFC integrated in the smartphone can also be used: by placing the phone close to the door station, the user will be recognized and enabled for access.

• The user can access by showing a QR code (on paper or on his smartphone) to the camera of the external station. This access method is effective for the creation and instantaneous sending (via phone or email) of temporary credentials that are programmable in time slots and with configurable duration.

• The IpDoor station can detect the presence of the user by recognizing and pairing his phone's bluetooth. When the smartphone approaches the bluetooth range, the station will change its interface, enabling the pre-configured door opener buttons. This mode is used to welcome the owner in a personalized way.

An access control with infinite possibilities

  • During configuration via web, it is possible to combine user identification credentials with certain actions that the system activates after "recognizing" him.

    For example: when the system identifies the user through a numerical code, it will be possible to set the opening of the entrance door; or, if the user is identified by NFC code, the opening of the garage door will be set.

  • A user can also have multiple credentials that correspond to different actions.

    For example: typing the code 1234 on the keyboard will open the entrance door, while with the code 4567, in addition to opening the door, the alarm will be also deactivated. This programming option is very useful in families: parents can generate multiple codes for different functions and provide their children with only those they deem most appropriate.

An access control with numerous features

IpDoor is an access control system that goes beyond the usual door opener functionality:

  • It was in fact designed for those who want to give access to their buildings to occasional users (e.g. domestic workers) only in certain time slots. Through the various identification methods, it is possible to configure credentials for  an autonomous but timed access.

    For example: in the absence of an internal video surveillance system, it is possible to know exactly how long the professional took to carry out the maintenance intervention in your home. By providing him with a temporary numeric code to be entered at the entrance and exit, you will be notified by on your App as soon as the code is entered.

    This feature is also very useful for Bed&Breakfast owners who will allow guests an independent access to the structure during their stay. When the occasional user enters the building, information events can be activated on the owner's App (a notification, the viewing of a video recorded by the video surveillance system, etc.) which will allow him to control who has entered and at what time.

  •  You can set the IpDoor system to activate certain actions in combination with your access! In fact, IpDoor has a wide flexibility of commands (both local door opener commands and towards external devices). By sending commands to the internal relays of the door station, it is possible to program the simultaneous opening of several gates; by sending a command to an external system such as a home automation device or a control unit, you can ensure that at your entrance the house lights turn on and the anti-theft system is disabled. In this way you can chose the scenario you prefer most on your arrival!

  • From the mobile app you can also check at any time if your door or gate has been opened and who has entered, by checking the access history and viewing the short videos that are recorded by the external station whenever someone approaches or rings to the video door phone.
    The access log can be viewed via App by users of the same group / family (throgh series of filters) and via web by the administrator with an in-depth level of detail. The condominiums of a building will be able to view all the accesses related to their own apartment via App while the condominium administrator will be able to monitor the accesses to all the apartments in the building.


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