IpDoor in one word? Flexibility!


IpDoor in one word?

IpDoor system installation

One of the main advantages of the IpDoor system is its installation flexibility and the ability to adapt to many contexts (click here to find out more).
The system can be completely customized in the configuration phase: everyone can set IpDoor according to their needs, the place where it is installed and their habits. In addition, the simplicity of its design allows you to carry out all the basic operations independently, including maintenance, without necessarily the help of a professional.

Installation flexibility

With IpDoor it is possible to realize a wired installation, powered via PoE injector, o ar wireless installation, with local power. Wired installation is the solution we recommend because it ensures greater reliability. In the event that it is not possible to reach the installation point with the network cable, the external door station will work perfectly even in wifi mode.

Many systems on the market have the possibility of controlling the door openers only from an actuator located inside the home. Although this option is very safe, it is sometimes difficult to implement, because, especially in pre-existing homes, it is difficult to get the cables from inside the house to the external lock.
With the IpDoor system, we have achieved maximum flexibility: it is possible to arrive via wiring from inside the house with standard IP relays, or to start the wires of the door opener commands directly from the door station, normally located near the lock. In some environments this mode is not considered sufficiently safe, which is why we leave the user the freedom to choose the installation that best suits his needs.

When wiring the electric lock, it is important to note the two types of outputs on the door station: one powers the electric lock, and normally must be connected to the lock of a gate, while the second is simply a contact that opens and closes (it is required usually by gate opener drives). In this way it is possible by default to control a driveway door and an automatic gate directly from the door station.

The IpDoor station is available in two versions: wall- mounted(IpDoor Touch) or flush mounted (IpDoor Flush). Wall-mounted installation does not require masonry and is the easiest to perform even by private individuals.
IpDoor Touch is not completely wall-mounted but requires a semi-recessed installation. In fact, it is necessary to provide space behind the external unit to allow cables to pass and to support the rear part (generally this space is already present and it is that occupied by a classic 503 box). Once installed, the door station will protrude from the wall by only 20mm.
The IpDoor Flush station, on the other hand, is installed in a dedicated flush-mounted box and will be flush with the wall (only 2mm of thickness visible).


Configuration flexibiity

IpDoor is a flexible system also from the configuration point of view. It allows you to create simple systems consisting of a single door station that directly calls the App or PC and internal monitors (for a complete system with maximum potential, we always recommend using also an internal monitor).
The IpDoor system can also be used in more complex situations such as home automation systems or corporate networks located in multiple locations. The ability to grow and perform upgrades over time, ensures flexibility and complete coverage of every need, even in the future.

The system is cloud based and can be configured independently of its installation and physical location. What does it mean? When you receive the package containing the IpDoor station with its QR code, you can create the whole configuration by setting the desired parameters, regardless of whether the station is installed. Once the system has been configured and the station has been installed, when it is connected to the Internet it will automatically download the preset configuration from the cloud.

The door station configuration can be done from your smartphone via an interface very similar to that of the IpDoor app. It is divided into two phases: in the first, a wizard illustrates the user the necessary steps for the standard configuration and makes the door station operational in no time. The display interface will be set with the desired texts and buttons which, once pressed, will call the chosen devices. The second phase allows you to refine the configuration with all available settings and improve all the details.

In many systems on the market, if you need to add new accounts associated to the door station, it is necessary the intervention of the installer. With IpDoor, however, there is no need to turn to a professional: just invite the new user via link within a specific group and he can automatically use the App to answer calls. No programmatic action is needed.



IpDoor licenses

The IpDoor system is fully customizable. It provides basic features and numerous accessory functions that can be activated through licenses. Licenses can be unlimited (i.e. to be purchased only once) or renewed annually. Some licenses are linked to the panel in which they are activated, others are linked to the account that activates them. This makes it possible to completely customize your IpDoor system, choosing to purchase and activate only the licenses you need.

Once purchased, they are configured in a simple way through the web interface. Simply enter the QR code provided with them and associate them to the desired accounts. This allows the various users to be enabled for their use.

  • Remote App

    Thanks to this license you can answer the video intercom and manage your inputs via the App installed on your smartphone. The license is associated with an account so you will need to purchase one for each user who wants to use this feature. The remote App license can be unlimited or renewed annually.

    For example:
    Are you in the office and the courier calls your home for an important delivery? You can reply via the App with a text message that will appear on the external licenced panel and open it to have the package delivered. You can also check using the licensed panel’s camera that the courier has left and closed the gate.

    Are you out for the weekend and need workers to enter your garden for urgent maintenance? You can answer the video intercom from your holiday home and conveniently open the gate for them.

    Are you out for work and your child is locked out without a key? You can open the gate and front door directly from your smartphone.

  • Number of buttons

    By default the system provides a touch call button (i.e. an extension). With this license you will be able to add other buttons to the licensed external panel according to your needs. Simply purchase a license for the number of buttons to add. If you have more than one licenced panel you can assign as many buttons as you like in the license purchased. What does this mean?
    By purchasing a license with 10 buttons you can, for example, decide to add 6 buttons to one licensed panel and 4 buttons to another. IpDoor licensed panels don’t need to have the same number of buttons.

    For example:
    If in a condominium there are 80 interiors divided into two stairwells of 50 and 30 apartments each, each entrance will have its own license plate and you will need to purchase a licensed number of buttons with 80 interiors that will then be divided amongst the different licensed panels.

  • Basic access control
    This unlimited license (to be purchased only once) allows you to use the external licensed panel of the IpDoor system in access control mode. The external licensed panel enables identification of a user and allows them to access a specific structure through different modes (NFC, Bluetooth, numeric code, QR code). It is a license that is associated with the external IpDoor licensed panel, so you will need to buy a license for each licensed panel on which you want to activate this feature. Once purchased, it can be used by all connected accounts.

    For example:
    Do you have domestic staff that you don't want to leave your house keys to for security reasons? You can give them a numeric code or assign them a QR code that allows them to enter. You can even generate entry systems with well-defined time slots or temporary permissions. In the office, do you want to automate the entry system for employees and know when they enter and leave? Thanks to access management via NFC or Bluetooth, you can do this reliably and securely.

  • Advanced access control

    This unlimited license (to be purchased only once) unlocks all basic access control features plus facial recognition, the most innovative and secure way to identify a user. Furthermore the system provides dual security, because in addition to the verification of facial features, it is possible to associate voice recognition, avoiding possible false recognition.

  • SIP interface

    This unlimited license allows you to enable the IpDoor system to communicate with devices in the SIP standard.

    For example:
    Within a company it makes it possible to interface with telephone exchanges that in turn manage the individual internal phones. When a visitor rings using the external panel, the call will arrive directly to the company's proprietary phones so they may open the entrances.

    In residential contexts such as villas this strong technological characteristic makes it possible to interface with internal home automation devices. When a visitor rings using the external panel the user can answer, for example, from the internal home automation device.

    In private or in accommodation facilities such as a Bed & Breakfast it’s possible to interface with SIP service providers which divert the call to the traditional telephone network. This feature is very useful in areas where there is a poor mobile signal (e.g. in the mountains): when a visitor rings using the video intercom the call will arrive in telephone form and not only via App.

  • Monitoring

This unlimited license allows you to constantly monitor the connection of one or more devices connected to the cloud server. In the event of a network failure or problems that cause one or more devices to continually disconnect, this security service will allow you to quickly receive a warning email or SMS.

For example:

The user is away from home, awaiting the arrival of a guest. He won’t risk to create a disservice to his guest because thanks to the Monitoring License he will be notified of any problem in advance, therefore being able to adopt solutions in time.

Does the installer want to offer a stable maintenance service to his costumers? With a Monitoring License, you will be notified in case of continuous disconnection of a device and will be able to prevent the problem even before the user has evidence of it.


New features and new licenses are being developed and tested. Contact us to find out the features you need to customize your IpDoor system.

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