IpDoor system: maximum security in a single system


IpDoor system:
maximum security in a single system

The IpDoor system allows you to manage accesses in a functional way and transform your entrance into an engaging and interactive experience for the visitor. It is not just an innovative and design video door entry system, it also guarantees the highest levels of security.

Videosurveillance through IpDoor App

Product safety

The IpDoor external door station is a strong and durable product:

  • The stainless steel structure is completely built in Italy and made with the best materials, a guarantee of safety and resistance to the sun and atmospheric events.

  • The robust scratch-resistant glass also protects it from any vandalism attempts.

To provide a higher level of security, it is possible to control the door openers locally from the station, or from inside the house, arriving with the wiring via standard IP relays. The first option is certainly the simplest from the installation point of view, but since in some situations this solution may not be sufficiently safe, we have left the user freedom of choice.


Connection reliability

The system checks whether the devices are connected to the local network, via wired or wifi network. In these cases it activates a direct communication, otherwise it puts the call through the Cloud.
Compared to the most popular smart doorbells with cloud-only connection, IpDoor ensures operation even in the absence of an Internet line, using point-to-point communication technology.


Indoor and outdoor surveillance

The panoramic camera integrated in the IpDoor external door station, compared to a traditional video door phone, manages to capture a person in any position. A possible attacker will not be able to hide by positioning himself close to the wall: the camera with a viewing angle of over 170 ° will be able to frame it anyway.

The IpDoor external door station guarantees a high level of safety also thanks to the presence of innovative sensors:

  • Through the anti-shock sensor it is possible to detect any physical attacks on the station (such as vandalism or attempts to tamper) and immediately send a notification to the owner.

  • With the proximity sensor, the plate detects the presence of a person when he approaches. Also in this case it is possible to activate an immediate notification, as well as record short videos that can be consulted at any time via the App.

By installing the internal Match monitor in your home, you can also carry out real-time internal video surveillance of your home and check for any intrusions, a very useful function to combine with alarm systems.


Secure access control

With the purchase of the appropriate license, it is possible to use the IpDoor plate in access control mode. The account owner will be able to:

    • Have maximum visibility of all people who access his buildings

    • Provide virtual access keys to users who will use the system (read here to learn more) while maintaining control over their accesses.

    • Consult the accesses through a specific station (also remotely) and set the immediate sending of a notification at the same time as access occurs.

IpDoor also guarantees maximum flexibility in generating temporary access credentials also for occasional users (e.g. maintenance workers, domestic workers, etc.) while maintaining a high level of security. How? The system alerts the owner when credentials are used, and he can disable them at any time.



Data security

The multiserver cloud architecture is designed to ensure continuous operation even in the event of a server crash, creating a redundant platform capable of offering an immediate switch to other servers and always maintaining a very high level of security. Each of the system’s components (backend, frontend) is redundant on several virtual machines (at least two). The number of machines depends on the number of users and connections. Virtual machines are in at least two high availability zones, in order to ensure that at least one is always available.

Cloud communication is protected according to the highest security standards using encrypted protocols (with asymmetric encryption system; SHA-256, TLS 1, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 and OAuth 2.0 authentication, Grant Password Type) Cloud servers are based on Amazon AWS technology, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. A daily backup is performed, encrypted, and stored in multiple geographical locations for maximum efficiency and security. 

Finally, thanks to the cloud, the system allows to have a high configuration flexibility and to take advantage of the remote assistance service in case of need.

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