IpDoor: the video door entry system that adapts to any context!


the video door entry system that integrates with Microsoft Teams!

Thanks to the integration of the IpDoor system with Microsoft Teams, it is possible to answer calls and manage gates remotely in a simple and functional way. The solution is efficient in multiple contexts, especially within companies and accommodation facilities.

IpDoor door station


The integration allows answering calls from the IpDoor entrance panels and managing the gates using the Teams Client for desktop, the Teams app for smartphones and all landlines compatible with Teams.

Unlike what happens with most video door phone manufacturers, IpDoor can provide a two-way audio and video connection. This means that thanks to the license plate camera, the Teams user can see the visitor in real-time; at the same time, the visitor can also see the Teams user through the display of the same! Regardless of the physical distance, the Teams user and the visitor can speak and see each other as if they were just in front of each other.


In the industrial sector, the IpDoor external door station easily integrates into a complex infrastructure consisting of network and telephony devices already present within companies.
The IpDoor door station will be able to call PCs and telephones and in turn be controlled by them for the activation / opening of gates.
It is important to emphasize that the integration of the IpDoor system does not require any modification or doubling of the corporate network infrastructure. The system, therefore, adds new features but is not invasive with regard to the existing infrastructure.

It often happens that there are companies with a headquarters and several branches located in different geographical areas. Thanks to the ability to remotely manage the system, calls from branches can converge to a single operations center, which can therefore act as a virtual secretary for all offices and also control their accesses.




The integration between Microsoft Teams and IpDoor is very useful in managing both companies and individual offices, especially for the possibility of managing all functions remotely.

  • The entrance panel can be configured to connect a visitor with a Teams user or a group of them based on the button pressed on the external entrance panel, also by setting a call delay. For example, you can decide that if the Teams user "reception" does not answer the call within 10 seconds, the call goes to the Teams user "Admin" and so on.
  • All the actions on the panel can be programmed in certain time slots (e.g. it can be established that during working hours the call arrives on the Teams Desktop Client, while during closing hours on the personal telephone).
  • Thanks to the integration with Teams, a company can decide to make entrance management completely remote, and respond to visitors from anywhere, which doesn't necessarily have to be the headquarters.
  • The IpDoor interface is particularly user-friendly, a plus in commercial activities where welcoming the customer is essential. It is also fully customizable with the business brand: the touch display can accommodate logos and images and, via the App, it is possible to set welcome messages or text messages (e.g. floor to reach, opening hours, etc.) that panel will pronounce upon the visitor's arrival.
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