IpDoor external unit: technology and design in a single device

external unit

IpDoor external unit:
technology and design in a single device

The external unit represents the heart of the IpDoor system. It is available in two versions: Touch, wall mounted and Flush, flush mounted, and in several finishes (silver and anthracite color).
All you have to do is enjoying the freedom to furnish your entrance with an efficient and aesthetically well-finished door station like IpDoor, a pure concentrate of technology and design that will allow you to take advantage of many features!

IpDoor door station

Touch Display

The 4.3 "display has a simple and intuitive interface. Thanks to the sun readable technology it is easily readable in any light condition, therefore it will always ensure optimal communication with the visitor. It is also extremely customizable (texts and images of the touch buttons can be easily changed) and ideal for any housing need: you can configure direct call buttons (solution for one / two / three-family house), a list of scroll buttons (for a small building), or a keypad for calling apartaments with a numeric code (ideal for a condo).


Essential aesthetics and resistance

The stainless steel body, the essential finishes, the chromatic combination of black and gray and the elegant display make the external station a real design object, completely Made In Italy. We use the best materials to build it, a guarantee of safety and resistance to the sun and atmospheric events. The touch display is able to recognize touches even in the pouring rain and the robust scratch-resistant glass protects it from vandalism and wear.


Dual integrated network interface

Unlike many other door stations, IpDoor has a dual integrated network interface, both wired with PoE injector power supply (for better reliability), and wireless with local power supply for a high-range WiFi connection (for greater flexibility if the door station is not reachable by cable). In this way it is possible to face any installation environment and offer easy programming and diagnostics, without needing a physical intervention.


High resolution panoramic camera

It is not necessary for the visitor to be exactly in front of the door station camera in order to be framed: thanks to the 5Mpixel sensor and a lens with a viewing angle of more than 170 °, the camera will be able to capture a person from any point (even if the plate is mounted low) providing a panoramic view with HD resolution, very clear both day and night thanks to suitable appropriate LEDs. The camera also allows you to have a continuous double video stream and to integrate into video recording systems according to the ONVIF standard.


Double microphone

Thanks to the dual microphone and electronics with dedicated DSP, background noise and audio noise such as echo are eliminated: the audio is clear and defined both at the input and at the output for a functional communication. The dialogue with the visitor will be simple and pleasant, even in the presence of environmental noises (such as a truck stopped in your driveway). The dual microphone has the characteristic of working in stereo and through triangulation, it allows you to virtually position the sound by adjusting its levels in order to privilege the person in the vicinity. It is therefore possible to project inward only the sound that comes from an imaginary cone that envelops the speaker, discarding everything that is outside.

Proximity sensor and anti-shock sensor

The proximity sensor is useful for highlighting the presence of a person in front of the door station and consequently activating the visual and sound reception functions (the welcome message, the activation of the door station backlighting, etc.). It is also used to activate the recording of short videos when a user approaches the station.
The anti-shock sensor is a tool that allows to warn the owner when the door station undergoes a shock, a knock, an abnormal movement. If the sensor registers an attempt of vandalism or tampering, the door station will immediately send a notification to the owner.



Input & Output

The IpDoor external door station has different inputs and outputs. Through a powered output it is possible to control electric locks while through a special relay you get a contact to control different openers such as a sliding gate. The inputs can be used for many programmable functions (e.g. a button to be pressed at the exit of a building to open a gate or a sensor indicating that the door is open). You can also connect the input to external devices such as a long-range proximity sensor that can detect when someone is approaching and will consequently send a notification message to the owner or record a video. Last but not least, the possibility of connecting an external physical button and initiating a call when it is pressed.


NFC & Bluetooth

The NFC interface enables the door station to identify smartphones or badges, in order to create a very reliable access control system capable of guaranteeing security, flexibility and timing of accesses.
Thanks to Bluetooth, the entrance panel is able to recognize the owner from afar, enabling a dedicated interface that facilitates the opening or activation of programmed scenarios.


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