ipDoor is the first video door phone system completely designed and projected using IP (Internet Protocol) standard as a reference, both in external door station and internal monitor

The most important advantage is the native compatibility with all IP world and all various devices, starting from IP cameras to Smartphones and Tablets, up to all different devices in Home Automation.

It's always connected to all devices, both if they are in local network (LAN) or in every part of the world (driving a car, traveling abroad and so on). In other words, Internet is everywhere and using ipDoor you can stay connected from everywhere to your home or office

ipDoor è il primo Sistema di Videocitofonia che nasce sin dalla fase di progettazione secondo lo standard IP (Internet Protocol), non solo negli apparati interni, ma anche nel Posto Esterno che ne rappresenta il cuore pulsante.

Il vantaggio di questa scelta è la compatibilità intrinseca con tutto il mondo collegato ad Internet e ai suoi standard, dalle telecamere IP agli Smartphone fino al vasto pianeta della Domotica.

Altro grande vantaggio è il collegamento costante con tutti gli apparati, siano essi collegati alla rete locale, o si trovino per strada, in ufficio o dall'altra parte del mondo. In altre parole la rete è ovunque, e con ipDoor possiamo essere sempre connessi alla nostra casa o attività.


Answer the video door station with your smartphone wherever you are. With ipDoor you can:

  • answer using your Smartphone from everywhere (video answer, unlock commands, Answering machine play)
    • If you are in house using WiFi (Garden, Pool, Garage);
    • If you are outside using 3G
  • answer using PC from office;
  • answer using IP Phones;
  • make video intercom calls between monitor, Smartphone, PC, IP Phones.

LCD instead of Paper for Nameplate

One of the major innovations of this system is that names are displayed no longer on paper.

This functionaly give tyou the chance to update names in your door station easily when inside your house using Smartphone or monitor, without need of open door station. You can write on display address, working time, or your personal logo. Indications on display have a very nice effect during night, thanks to the light handed from proximity and light sensor

Messages from visitor

The system provides multiple possibilities to alert the visitor, with both written and vocal messages

  • Insert a “Post-it” that will be show near your name in display or spoken by text to speech technology when you push a button
  • Insert a “Post-it” that will be show near your name in display or spoken by text to speech technology when you are near door station


In the ipDoor Door Station there is a proximity sensor that guarantees a valid protection

it's possibile to record people when proximity sensor detect people. it's possible to receive a call if people detect from external proximity sensor.

Door control

In addition to the traditional and multiple possibilities of opening gates and gates, the system is equipped with an NFC reader

Thanks to NFC tag reader it's possible to unlock a door only approaching an NFC Tag to door station. You could use it as a base of acces control.

Surveillance and Home Automation

From the internal monitors it is possible to consult other IP cameras inserted in the network in order to have a constant view of their environments.

You can drive Home Automation using IP relays, and you can command them via internal monitor You can watch IP cameras from internal monitors


The wealth of standard features of the system makes some very useful functions possible

  • You can have light driven by sensor
  • Soft light progression in order to avoid strong light in eyes

Remote Support and Easy Configuration

ipDoor can be configured directly from the Entrance Panel thanks to the touch display and the graphical interface.

Thanks to project choice and technology ipDoor is a very flexible and easy system. It can auto update and give constant improvement in stability and functions. It can be programmed from every device Can receive assistance directly inside the device from remote support

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